Astrology Jewellery

These star sign themed jewellery pieces make a great birthday gift! We make both constellations and symbols representing each sign of the zodiac, and all of our pieces are handmade using traditional tools and techniques in our London workshop.

If you're unsure of which star sign corresponds to a particular birth date, you can find the dates for each here:

  • Aries, the Ram - 21st March to 20th April
  • Taurus, the Bull - 21st April to 21st May
  • Gemini, the Twins - 22nd May to 21st June
  • Cancer, the Crab - 22nd June to 22nd July
  • Leo, the Lion - 23rd July to 22nd August
  • Virgo, the Virgin - 23rd August to 23rd September
  • Libra, the Scales - 24th September to 23rd October
  • Scorpio, the Scorpion - 24th October to 22nd November
  • Sagittarius, the Archer - 23rd November to 21st December
  • Capricorn, the Goat - 22nd December to 20th January
  • Aquarius, the Water Bearer - 21st January to 19th February
  • Pisces, the Fishes - 20th February to 20th March

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