Chlorophyll Molecule Pendant Necklace

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Chlorophyll Molecule Pendant - Molecular biology jewellery - Biochemistry necklace for science enthusiasts

Chlorophyll is the pigment found in plants that gives them their green colour and is vital for photosynthesis. This stylish charm pendant shows off the molecular structure found at the core of chlorophyll, with the central magnesium ion highlighted in green.

A layered charm pendant, handmade from bronze, stainless steel and copper, individually machined by hand. Every step in the creation of this pendant, from initial design all the way through to finishing and mounting, was completed in our London workshop.

This design features the central group of the chlorophyll molecule cut from stainless steel, fastened to a bronze faceplate with copper rivets. The rivets are placed to represent the four nitrogen ions, with a larger central rivet painted green to represent the magnesium ion. It is important to note that this can vary slightly from the product shown, as all our products are machined by hand.

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