Honeycomb Fish Hook Dangle Earrings

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Constructed from wax by honey bees to store honey, eggs and larvae, the honeycomb is a natural marvel, being pretty much the mathematically optimal storage method available to bees. These stylish, elegant earrings are inspired by this natural geometry for a distinctive look.

A pair of brass earrings, handmade from recycled materials, individually machined by hand. Every step in the creation of these earrings, from initial design all the way through to finishing and mounting, was completed in our London workshop.

This design features a delicate hexagonal honeycomb mesh design, cut by hand from 0.9 mm brass or copper sheeting. It is important to note that this can vary slightly from the product shown, as all our products are machined by hand.

The earrings are supplied attached to ear wires and coated with a microcrystalline wax to preserve the finish.

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